How To Install C- Compiler Turbo C/C++ Introduction & Installation

What is C-Compiler? How To Install C Compiler?

To type your C program you need a program called EDITOR and after finishing the program it needs a another program called COMPILER and other basic components like pre-processor , assembler and linker.

Once the program has been typed, it needs to be converted to machine (binary) language (0s and 1s) before the machine can execute it. To carry out this conversion we need another program called Compiler. i.e. Compiler converts programming code/ source code into machine language / binary code so that machine/os can understand that source code.

Compiler vendors provide an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which consists of an Editor as well as the Compiler.

There are a number of IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) are available for free to download supports various operating systems.

For example, Turbo C, Turbo C++ and Microsoft C are some of the popular compilers that work under MS-DOS (Text User Interface).

Visual C++ and Borland C++ are the compilers that work under Windows gcc compiler (GNU C Compiler) under Linux Environment.INSTALLATION OF C COMPILER

List of 5 Popular C Compilers

Compiler Name Operating System Microprocessor
Turbo C++ MS DOS 8086 (16-bit)
MS Visual C++ Windows 80386 (32-bit)
Borland C++ Windows 80386 (32-bit)
GNU GCC Compiler Linux 80386 (32-bit)
Intel C++ Studio Linux / Windows 80386 (32-bit)

Important : Turbo C++, Microsoft C++ and Borland C++ software also contain a C compiler bundled along with them. If you are a beginner(or Student) ,then it would be better to start with a simple compiler like Turbo C or Turbo C++.

Once you have mastered the language elements, then switch over to more sophisticated compilers like Visual C++ under Windows / Linux (gcc).

Most of the programs in the section of C and C++ basics would work with all the compilers, wherever necessary I’ll suggest you.

TURBO C Compiler

Turbo C is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and compiler for the C programming language developed by Borland.

This IDE is very popular and highly used in all over the world because of its integrated development environment, small size, extremely fast compilation speed & comprehensive manuals.

This IDE / Compiler is based on MS-DOS operating system.

This IDE / Compiler uses 8086 Microprocessor which is 16-bit microprocessor.

Download and Installation of C Compiler (TURBO C / C++):

Assuming that you are using Windows (Windows-7 32-bit not 64-bit) environment/ Windows XP or lower version and want to start your learning with basic compiler Turbo C++.

Now you have to download the TURBO C Package at here (For 32 bit windows-7 , Win-XP or lower version) Download Turbo C

After downloading this package , unzip the archieve and copy TC folder to your root directory(In which your OS is installed)

Example :

C:\ >
C:\>cd TC

C:\TC>cd bin


Then you will see a blue screen that’s your C IDE containing editor , compiler , assembler and Linker.

If you are worry about TURBO C on Windows-7 64 bit version or Windows Vista then you should download the following setup of Turbo C++:

Download the TURBO C/C++ COMPILER at here – Download Turbo C/C++

After downloading ,the following steps would be needed to install and configure it :

Unzip the downloaded file and click on the installer turbo c++.exe

Once installation has been finished , a folder named ‘Turbo C++’  will be created automatically in your Root drive / C Drive. In this folder, a Application file is present named ‘DOSBox.exe’ -> click on it which opens a blue screen that is your C / C++ editor in 64 bit version of Windows.

How To Compiler and Execute C program on Turbo C/C++ Compiler:

There is a sequence that you should follow:

Go to command prompt by typing:
Windows Key + R key–> type cmd –> click Enter.

C:\docum~1\user> cd\
C:\> cd tc
C:\tc>cd bin
C:\tc\bin>tc (TC.EXE file will open by press ENTER key)

Now a blue screen will open , this is your IDE

Go to FILE menu and choose NEW (To create new file)
Save this file as program.C using F2 or go to FILE Menu–> Save
(The name of the program must not be greater than 8 characters, its a Rule)

Type the program

After writing the program , now its time to compile the program.

  1. There are 2 things to compile C Program:
  2. If we directly compile the program using ALT+F9 shortcut key then program.exe file will not create.
  3. If we first build the program then program.exe will create in C:\TC\OUT> folder . So, we should use ‘Build All’ option in place of ‘Compile only’ option.
  4. To Compiler & Build the program follow this- Press Alt+F --> FILE Menu--> Compile -->Build All
  5. After successfully build the program, you have to RUN the program to see output. Follow this- Press Alt+F --> FILE Menu-->RUN -->run(CTRL+F9).

Installation of C Compiler is finished, now you can start step by step learning of C programming language.

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